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  1. 04/08/2015

    How does being ‘on-call’ impact employee fatigue?

    Peer reviewed paper

    With the growing demands of consumerism and the need to assist customers on the clock, today’s employees are working anything but nine to five. One in…

    « Taylor & Francis »

  2. 04/08/2015

    Profit, people and planet: balancing revenue vs. responsibility in fashion

    Peer reviewed paper

    Businesses within the fashion industry face many ethical decisions over the importance of profit vs. social responsibility. Exploitation is rife in de…

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  3. 04/08/2015

    Protecting the environment by re-thinking death

    Peer reviewed paper

    Scientists first had to re-think death before they could develop a way of testing the potential harm to the environment caused by thousands of chemica…

    « York, University of »

  4. 04/08/2015

    MateoTomasEtAl2015 DiversDistrib _INFOGRAPHIC_English.jpg

    Almost 80 species scavenge hunting remains worldwide

    Peer reviewed paper

    Nineteen percent are globally threatened Human activities such as livestock farming, fishing or hunting yearly waste tons of food into natural ecosys…

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  5. 04/08/2015

    Ein Reitsimulator ermöglicht das gezielte Trainieren betimmter Bewegungsabläufe. (Foto: Manuela Wulf)

    Auf dem Rücken der Pferde – Reiten auf einem Pferd komplexer als auf Reitsimulator

    Peer reviewed paper

    Um das Reiten zu trainieren, braucht es nicht unbedingt ein Pferd. Seit einigen Jahren gibt es sogenannte Reitsimulatoren, die es ReiterInnen ermöglic…

    Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien

  6. 04/08/2015

    A riding simulator allows specific training of certain movements. (Photo: Manuela Wulf)

    Riding a horse is far more complex than riding simulators

    Peer reviewed paper

    For equestrian training you do not necessarily need a horse. Riding simulators to train the riders’ skills have become available recently. Scientists…

    Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien

Forthcoming events

  1. 01/08/2015 — 07/08/2015

    wbw2015 logo

    Join us in supporting World Breastfeeding Week 2015

    This World Breastfeeding Week, WABA calls for concerted global action to support women to combine breastfeeding and work. Whether a woman is working i…

    « Taylor & Francis »

  2. 05/09/2015 — 08/09/2015

    Birmingham welcomes The EMBO Meeting

    The sixth edition of The EMBO Meeting will be held in Birmingham in the United Kingdom on 5-8 September 2015. The EMBO Meeting brings together an outs…

    EMBO - excellence in life sciences

  3. 31/07/2015 — 03/08/2015

    Research reveals Henry V's Agincourt naval fleet much smaller than previously believed

    Experts on the Battle of Agincourt gathering at the University of Southampton to mark its 600th anniversary will hear new evidence suggesting Henry V’…

    « Southampton, University of »

  4. 15/10/2015

    Mutual legal assistance in the Digital Age: Problems, challenges, solutions for criminal justice

    Cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime (meaning crime committed by means of ICT) are almost by definition transnational. On the one hand, cybercriminals c…

    Université du Luxembourg

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